31 July 2009

Downtowners hit FAB!

It is restaurant week in Atlanta this week and The Downtowners hosted a party on the rooftop of FAB, a French American restaurant in the heart of the city. They had appetizers and a signature cocktail, the Dragon Berry Lemonade, that everyone seemed to enjoy afterwards guests headed out to their reservations for dinner. FAB and many other great downtown restaurants are on the list. Make you reservations today for some of the hottest restaurants in town and for only $25 a person, you can't beat it.
For more information on how to book your reservation...http://atlanta.metromix.com/restaurants.
For more on the Downtowners...http://www.atlantadowntown.com/

28 July 2009

Jason Mraz headlines Starfest 2009...

The amphitheater was packed for Star 94's yearly concert Staerfest, how could they go wrong with acts like Plain White T's, G Love and Special Sauce and Jason Mraz. This was my second time seeing Jason and he was just as amazing headlining the show as he was when he opened for Alanis at the Fox. That boy can SING! However, I do miss the original Starfest that was an all day event that not only supported the big names but also gave the local guys a chance. Never the less it was a good time for all the fans.

For more photos go to...http://atlanta.metromix.com/.

26 July 2009

Kaya Jones preforms at Club Primal...

Kaya Jones a former Pussy Cat Doll not only hosted the party at Primal on Saturday night, but she also preformed a couple Pussycat Dolls songs and one original. It was a busy night at Club Primal and with six bars, outside organic setting area, three dance rooms and a rooftop bar, your sure to find something you will enjoy in this hot Atlanta club.

Under the stars with Chris Isaak & Michelle Branch...

Michelle Branch and Chris Isaak played under the stars last night at Chastain Amphitheater. The tables were out and the crowd adorned them with the finest wines and cheeses. It was a beautiful night for such a great show. Chris and his band came out in full on suits which gave it a Johnny Cash feel. At one point, Chris went out in the crowd and sang to different audience members as well as sat down and had some wine with one group. He covered "Love Me Tender" by The King and Cheap Trick's "I want you to want me". The set also included some of Chris' most popular hits like "Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing", "Wicked Game, and many more. Michelle Branch joined him on stage for their duet "I Lose My Heart". I have become a bigger fan after seeing this show and my Itunes library is going to see more Chris Isaak for sure.

For more photos go to...http://atlanta.metromix.com/.

25 July 2009

The 54's take over the 5 Spot...

The 54's were having their CD release party at the 5 Spot in Little Five Point. I have only literally walked through this venue, so I was excited to see a band play there. I had never heard of them, but they did put on a show for the crowd. The place was packed and feeling the music which was a rock and roll sound. They did a cover of Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine and at the end the lead singer jumped in the audience. I was really impressed with the drummer, he honestly could have put the show on by himself. Keep your eye on these guys, I think they have something here...http://www.myspace.com/the54. For more photos from the night go to...http://atlanta.metromix.com/

22 July 2009

The Beer Connoisseur...

The Beer Connoisseur Magazine hosted a party at the Sweetwater Brewery tonight. Guests paid $10 and received a Sweetwater glass and all you can drink beer as well as a chance to win free prizes. Also throughout the night they were giving tours of the brewery. Wish I could drink beer, I would have really enjoyed this one, however I saw a couple friends and met a couple new ones including the guy that took the photo of the tornando that hit Atlanta, Shane Durrance (http://www.atlantatornado.org/). For more photos from the night...http://atlanta.metromix.com/.

19 July 2009

Brody Jenner @ Club Primal

The hottie Brody Jenner stopped by Club Primal last night and man was it packed. This club is know for celebrity hosted parties including Dave Navarro, Pamala Anderson, Holly Madison and many more. Last night was no different with Brody Jenner from "The Hills" bringing it to Club Primal. He got on the mic and sung happy birthday with the crowd to one of his friends and then posed for pictures with his fans. I honestly thought they were going to eat him. See more photos at http://atlanta.metromix.com/.

Graveyard BBQ of the summer...

Graveyard had a great get together over the weekend. I found myself at times wanting to put down my camera and join in on the water gun fights and hula hooping. It was a real beach party in the city with all the fun in the sun activities including a bikini contest and hot dog eating contest. Everyone was having a great time tossing beachballs around and eating some good food in the awesome weather we had on Saturday. If you haven't been to Graveyard, check it out. It's honestly one of my favorite hang outs, just wish I had more free time to get over there and enjoy it. For more photos http://atlanta.metromix.com/.

15 July 2009

Little Adventures with PIC...

Leah and I were going to do the usual and meet at some cafe and work on our laptops and eat all day long, but I just couldn't sit still, so we took off to Macon, GA...home of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. Jack (5D) had been in the shop and I was itching to go shoot something, anything, just to see if he was all good. We had a blast as always running around Macon. Aside from the Hall of Fame we grabbed some good ice cream in the square and visited with Duane Allman for a bit. Then on our way back we tried to hit up Southside Steve's, but it was closed, so we ended the day at the mexican joint next to Southside Steve's, yummy! It was nice to get out with my best girl and just act wacky! We take it as it comes to us and I love that about Ms. Leah!

12 July 2009

Twilight Convention...

Twilight fans were out in full force at the TWI Convention this past weekend at the Westin in Atlanta, GA. The weekend was packed with photo opportunities and autograph sessions with the Twilight celebrities as well and a costume contest, vampire ball and much more. See more photos from this event at www.metromix.com.

09 July 2009

Ed plays Eddie's...

The second part of the night landed me on the veranda at Eddie's Attic. Eddie Attic is an awesome venue, my favorite as a matter of fact. When I heard that Ed Kowalczyk from the band LIVE was playing there I was so excited, but then I was upset to find out it was sold out. However, they were planning to do a free broadcast on the veranda. I got there just as Ed was taking the stage and I sat there watching. After about the third song the door guy came up to me and said you can go in if you like. I proceeded into the venue to watch the show and was very angry with myself for not having my good camera. My point and shoot was all I had and it was doing me no good. I made the decision to make a run to my car and get my good camera. I was on cloud nine! Ed's two hour set included I Alone (my all time favorite), Iris, Stood Up For Love and many more. Afterwards Ed took time to meet and greet his fans. It was an amazing night and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to experience this show in such a small and intimate setting...still smiling!

Dark Blue Premier

I started off the night at the Dark Blue premier at The Warren in the Highlands. Dark Blue is an upcoming show on TNT staring Dylan McDermott as Carter Shaw, the leader of a special LAPD deep undercover unit. I was there for MetroMix to get guests mug shots. Also just before the premier started they had an undercover officer of 27 years speak and answer questions. It was a fun night for everyone.