31 May 2009

Virginia Highlands Summerfest local band to perform...

The Constellations - You may have heard these guys recently on 99x, the song Felicia seems to be really catching on with the request goers. I can honestly say this is the most energetic show I have seen from a local band in a really long time. These guys get everyone in the room moving. There music is discribed as "southern gothic" and if you attend one of their shows you will find yourself praising the performance and sounds of this nine piece band, yes I said NINE! To hear more check out their myspace at

They will be playing this Sunday, June 7th at the Virginia Highlands Summerfest. Come see for yourself! :)

30 May 2009

Daisy of Love at Club Primal in Atlanta, GA!

Some of you may know her from Bret Michael's show Rock of Love on VH1. After Rock of Love Daisy came out with her own shoe Daisy of Love on VH1 where guys literally fight for her love. She was super cool at Primal posing for photos and signing autographs for a packed out house. For more photos...

29 May 2009

2009 AVP CROCS TOUR in Atlantic Station

For the third year Atlantis Station hosted the AVP Volleyball Tournament. This tournament includes some of the countries top male and female volleyball athletes. The weather was perfect for the event after having almost three weeks of rain here in the Atlanta area, it was like the skies opened up for this event. This was my first time to an event like this and it was interesting to walk from court to court and see the different techniques. Volleyball was one of my favorite growing up, but wow these games were hardcore.

12 May 2009

Frank Mullen

Frank Mullen lost his battle with cancer on Saturday, May 9th. He was an amazing man, talented photographer, great friend and the best mentor I have ever met. Always calm Frank, took on his cancer the same way and fought it for over a year. He will be truly missed by so many.

Donations to the family can be made via a pay pal account at: http://www.zarias.com/

07 May 2009

Birthday Surprise!

Just when I thought my birthday was over, Leah pulls out all the stops! I wasn’t sure where we were going or what we were doing. The night started with some awesome food at Gordon Birche and then as we were walking down the street she pulls out a ticket and hands it to me. It was a VIP parking pass, just what I had always wanted! ☺ No, but seriously, I knew Death Cab for Cutie was playing the Fox and since we were headed in that direction, I sorta assumed. Then I looked over and Leah was jumping up and down saying we are going, we are going to the show! I about died right there! The night ended at some random disco karaoke place where we grabbed some nachos and ended up running out of the place with our ears ponding. It was the BEST birthday gift I had ever gotten and I will never forget last night and how amazing it felt to have someone put so much effort into something they knew would put a smile on my face and that smile hasn’t left my face yet, so thank you Leah, you are amazing and definitely ONE OF A KIND!