27 April 2009

Steeplechase 2009

It was my first horse race and I kept having flashbacks of the scene from the movie Pretty Women where they went to the races. The horses were beautiful! I am a HUGE animal lover and when I got to the track to shoot the horses I found myself admiring the horses as they galloped by me. The coolest thing that you can't experience by watching this sport on television is the vibration you feel on the ground as the horses rush by. The crowd was great, it was a mix of people and personalities. If you plan on going to this event, let me warn you, this place is HUGE and there was so much going on like rock climbing, fashion shows, parties, tailgating...oh and a horse race. ;) It was a great time for everyone and well worth the drive to Cartersville, GA!

To see more of the images from this event visit http://atlanta.metromix.com/.

15 April 2009

Hockey Bracket Party

Last Saturday was the last game for the Thrashers before the playoffs. My friend Cat invited me to a "bracket party" at her place after the game. I had no idea what a "bracket party" was, probably because I have never really been a sports kind of girl, but I am always up for anything new and different. Somehow I was picked to draw the names out of the hat, I think they picked me for two reasons, one I didn't hardly know any of them and two I wasn't playing the bracket. I began drawing names out of this baseball hat and the room lit up! It was a great vibe and I wanted to capture in on my camera. My friend Leslie ran to my car and grabbed my camera while I continued to draw names. The rest you can see at the link below... http://gallery.me.com/catmax55/101021 

14 April 2009

The Issues

I recently shot The Issues, a great Atlanta band that have had a lot of great things happen in the last year. The band has actually been working hard since 2004. Although they have made many changes in their line-up, the current line-up is solid and is a show you should definitely see.  

When I asked Wayne, the lead man from The Issues exactly what has happened in the last year, this is what he had to say...

"We won the Dave FM contest and got 60 hours of studio time at Tree Sound Studios & a Budweiser sponsorship. While we were recording our demos, Trees Sound became interested in our band and talks began about possibly working with Trees indie label. After a few meetings we decided to send out the demos to see if we could interest a producer in the project. Enter producer Russ T. Cobb. Russ T. Cobb was Butch Walkers partner at his Ruby Red studio here in ATL and worked with Butch on many major label projects. Russ T. heard the ISSUES demos, liked the band and came out to a rehearsal to check us out. After a 2 hour session Russ T. was on board to work with the band. 

We just finished recording a 20 song demo for Paul Diaz (Tree Sound) and Russ T. Cobb. We will sit down in the following days and pick 2 singles to record and release to radio. In coming weeks we will work with Tree on developing a more organic live-ish rock record by using old school analog recording techniques incorporated with new age digital. Paul & Russ T. plan to pitch the band to major label contacts in the industry to partner with Tree and the band while staying under the Tree Sound umbrella. Stay tuned!" -Wayne

For more on the band: http://www.myspace.com/theissues

Photo by: CatMax Photography
Graphics by: Blake Clam 

12 April 2009

Vinings Wine Crawl

Here is an event that is a lot of fun! I attended the Vinings Wine Crawl. Everyone was hopping from bar to bar taking a taste of some great wines that the Vinings area has to offer. If you haven't attended one of these events grab your whole gang and spend the day tasting. Next crawl is scheduled for June 27th.

For more details: http://www.atlantabartours.com/vinings.html

More Images: http://gallery.me.com/catmax55#101154

06 April 2009

Abandoned Jail on a gloomy day...

Leah and I went to an abandoned jail recently. While in school I shot there, but Leah had never been and I wanted her to see the place. It had been raining for like a week straight and it was nasty, muddy and wet. It was an overcast day, but we still went despite the conditions. It was a bit more creepy to me this go round because you could hear the water dripping and things settling as the rain water was running off. The wind coming through the pipes was a bit disturbing as well. There were some parts of the jail that were flooded and we were not able to access, however the place is huge and we had a great time. It was nice to just go out and do some personal shooting.

Abandoned Jail on a gloomy day...Part 2

05 April 2009