24 September 2011

Music Midtown hasn't skipped a beat...

Although Music Midtown went on a slight four year vacation it didn't skip a beat! Fans came out and enjoyed a beautiful day in Piedmont Park filled with music, artistry, and fun! There wasn't a patch of grass to be seen in the meadow of Piedmont Park by early afternoon due to the sea of people.

The bands, WOW! Coldplay and The Black Keys were the grand finale and as always put on a great show. However, the thing I love most about festivals is finding those bands that you have never heard before. It's the best souvenir to take home a great band's music that will always remind you of that festival whenever you hear them, Young the Giant was one of those bands for me. Their sound is awesome like no other and they had the crowd moving and singing to their songs. Be sure to check out their 5GB with Eileen Tilson on Atlanta Music Guide. Also, the band Walk the Moon has made an impact on me after seeing there show and all their face panted fans. After a little research I see where the face painting came from, check out their video for "Anna Sun".

I have always wanted to shoot Music Midtown ever since the days when I was the one shoved up against the barricade to see some of my favorite bands...Godsmack, Gwen Stefani, Foo Fighters, Offspring, Kid Rock, Joan Jett, Everclear, Kanas...just to name a couple. Those day were hot, dirty, and amazing! I remember watching the photographers in the pit back then. I thought "Wow, they are capturing things that people will share for years to come. These times will never be forgotten because of them and their cameras." Frank Mullen was one of those photographers and he went on to be a mentor and friend to me. I couldn't help but think of him yesterday as I lived out a dream that I have had for years. I have shot a lot of bands, but yesterday I was shooting as one of the three photographers for Live Nation (a.k.a: house photographer). If it wasn't for Frank and a couple other amazing photographers, Chris McKay and Perry Julien I would not have been there yesterday. I have a dream and a passion and all three of them have helped to fuel that passion when things get rough and I can't thank them enough! I still have a lot of dreams in my back pocket to accomplish, but I have to say Music Midtown will always hold a very close place in my heart! Above Photo by: Perry Julien

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A BIG THANK YOU to LIVE NATION for allowing me to cover such an awesome event!

22 September 2011

Music Midtown 2011...

CatMax Photography is your official photographer for Music Midtown 2011!

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Music Midtown 2011 will include the following acts...
The Black Keys
Cage the Elephant
Manchester Orchestra
Young the Giant
The Joy Formidable
Band of Skulls
The Constellations
The Postelles
Walk the Moon

For all the details and to purchase tickets, CLICK HERE!

20 September 2011

Grainger McCoy and The Huber Family Collection arrive at the High Museum...

Grainger McCoy and The Huber Family Collection arrive at The High Museum...

While working the events surrounding the Grainger McCoy exhibit I have truly enjoyed hearing Grainger McCoy talk about his journey and what inspires him. If you haven't checked out the Grainger McCoy exhibit the final exhibit talk is Saturday, January 7th, click here for all the details.

14 September 2011

The High Museum Picasso to Warhol Benefactor Party...

The High Museum gets ready for the Picasso to Warhol opening with their Benefactor Party...

05 September 2011

Red Bull's Soundclash hits Atlanta...

Ludacris and Neon Trees took on the Red Bull's Soundclash in Atlanta, Georgia on Monday, September 5th. Due to bad weather the event was held inside the Georgia World Congress Center. The Soundclash consisted of the following rounds...

· The Cover: each band took on their own version of Michael Jackson’s “PYT”

· The Takeover: a collaborative round where one band started playing one of their own tunes then the other group took over mid-song to finish it out with their own flair

· The Clash: challenged the bands versatility as they adapted their songs to the music genres of DJ Mick Boogie’s choice – reggae, acoustic, and metal

· The Wild Card: the final round was all about surprises as each band brought a special secret guest to the stage to perform with them. This show is all about shocking, exciting, and entertaining the crowd and our two artists did not fail to deliver. Neon Trees took the round by having dozens of “Animal” masked fans join them on stage with local hip-hop duo Big HEED and ALIen. But it was Ludacris who took things to a whole new level by having pole dancers answering the questions “How Low Can You Go” by showing the crowd they know how to do just that.

It was nice to be involved in a music event with a new twist. To see more photos from the event, CLICK HERE.