30 August 2009

Redbull Soapbox Race Atlanta...

Redbull Soapbox Race was a BIG hit in Atlanta. People were pouring onto 10th street from the MARTA station to see makeshift cars roll down to the finish line, although some didn't quite make it. The crashes were what got the high scores from the judges which included Fashion Designer, Michael Knight, Bert from the Bert Show and Corinna Allen from Better Mornings Atlanta. It was a gorgious day for the event and the spectators seemed to really enjoy the races.For more photos see...http://atlanta.metromix.com/


A lot of us can remember dancing to the lyrics "I think we're alone now, the beating of our hearts is the only sound." in our rooms as little girls....well TIFFANY is back and with a twist, she is going country rock and her voice was sounding good to this new style of music. She has been influenced by Stevie Nicks and you can tell she is happy to be back out there doing her thing. The night also included her hits "Could've Been" and "I Think We're Alone Now" as well as a cover of the Gun's and Roses hit "Sweet Child of Mine". She truly loves her fans and took time to put on an acoustic set before the show at East Andrew's Downstairs in the court yard before putting on the main performance at East Andrews Upstairs. Some of the fans came decked out in there 80's attire, it was a great night for all who came out!

More photos at... http://atlanta.metromix.com/bars-and-clubs/photogallery/tiffany-sings-at-andrews/1426593/content

24 August 2009

UGA Fan Day...

This was a super cool event for all the UGA fans. Everyone who came to UGA Fan Day was able to get autographs and pictures with their favorite UGA players. There was a lot of red and some of the cutest kids I have ever scene decked out in their Bull Dawg attire.

To see more photo...http://atlanta.metromix.com/.

16 August 2009

Paul McCartney rocks the lawn at Piedmont...

Paul McCartney puts on a rockin' good show at Piedmont Park, it was the second of it's kind. Paul McCartney fans came from near and far to see the former Beatles band member sing new and old hits. It was an amazing experience for me, I never thought four years ago when I started shooting professionally that I would stand in front of a former Beatle and capture it through my camera. The media had to be escorted the entire time for crowd shots and we were only allowed to shoot the first three songs of The Script(opening band) and the first two songs of Paul McCartney and all from the sound board. The sound board didn't seem that far when I looked at it from the stage, but when I got out there I felt a million miles away. Above was a huge rain cloud, us photographers were all hoping it would hold out for the first two songs. Around me were twenty or so photographers, I turned around and looked past them and between the sound board, there was a SEA of people! I got so excited!! It was amazing, the fact that music brought all these people to this place made me get very gitty. This was not only the biggest concert I had ever shot, but it was the also the biggest lens I had ever used, needless to say I was nervous and so excited at the same time! The stage lit up brighter then fireworks on the forth of July and my heart began to race, I had two songs...."FOCUS!" After shooting the first two songs we were escorted through the crowd back to our holding room and about ten minutes later the rain began to come down in sheets. Although I am glad I didn't get caught in the rain with all my equipment, I knew that the rain would just make this event set in more with the crowd. Some of my most memorable concerts were when I was dancing in the rain while hearing hits being preformed on stage. What an amazing night and one I will NEVER forget!
See the images at...http://atlanta.metromix.com/

*Thanks to Perry Julian for above photo of me.

15 August 2009

Kim Kardashian brings out the masses...

Kim Kardashian brought not just a crowd to Club Primal she brought the masses! The place was packed wall to wall, everyone wanted to get a glimpse of the newly single and newly sandy blonde bombshell! She was super sweet and through all the madness posed for pictures with her fans and gave a shout out to her currently pregnant sister Kourtney. Kourtney stopped by Primal a couple months prior and although we didn't know it, she was pregnant when she was here.
See more photos at...http://atlanta.metromix.com/

11 August 2009

dTour soars through Georgia!

ABC Family brought dTour out with a whole new experience this year. The XGames BMX Jams Tour was in full force, the riders kept rolling out the tricks all day long while Emcee "Honkey" kept the crowd going at the main stage. There were games and give aways galore! Jimmy Robbins took the stage at Discover Mills and the girls went crazy. At Mall of Georgia School Boy Humor rocked it out. Both days were HOT, HOT, HOT, but everyone seemed to enjoy hanging out at dTour this year. Can't wait to see what they do next year!

09 August 2009

Beer 4 Boobs!

This year marked the second annual Beer 4 Boobs, an event raising money for breast cancer. The turnout was awesome! The place was packed with beer drinkers at the Sweetwater Brewery in Atlanta, GA. Throughout the night they gave tours of the Brewery. If you missed out on this event and still want to be a part of such a great cause, check out their website for more events.
Beer 4 Boobs: http://www.beer4boobs.com/Beer4Boobs/Home.html
For more photos: http://atlanta.metromix.com/

06 August 2009

Belvedere Vodka & Whiskey Park...

Belvedere Vodka hosted a great party at Whiskey Park earlier this week. The night included free signature drinks, a confessional room, models hanging out in bath tubs full of fruit, good music and a great turn out. Dalllas Austin dropped in to enjoy some mixes from DJ Ruckus. Also, Dean Rolland from Collective Soul, Corinna Allen from Better Mornings, and CNN Anchor Betty Nguyen. It was the place to be!

02 August 2009

Playmate of the Year 2007 drops in Pure...

The new club Pure was hopin' Saturday night. The Playmate of the Year 2007, Sara Underwood dropped by and spent a little time with her fans. For more photos...http://atlanta.metromix.com/.

01 August 2009

Slippery When Wet ROCK Wild Bill's...

Slippery When Wet celebrated their 500th show at Wild Bill's this weekend. The crowd sang along to the new and old Bon Jovi songs. Jason (lead singer) rocked the stage looking like Jon Bon Jovi. At the end of their two and a half hour set they had a cake brought out that they later shared with fans in the VIP area. This venue's stage is amazingly huge and full of lights, I love shooting there, not to mention the security and stage guys are really nice as well.
More photos:
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